Friday, 20 February 2015

Special Feature Friday: Jewelry by Johan

Edition 52

In our series about shops to go to for your wedding day, we have discussed dresses, ring bearer pillows, bouquets and guestbooks. This week it is time for the binding factor, and for the one thing you will wear with you the rest of your life: the wedding rings. 

Johan is the shop owner of Jewelry by Johan. He opened his Etsy shop in 2008 when it was still a 2 man show run by himself and his wife. In the up following years Johan saw a great increase in orders, and he hired his son in law and his daughter to help him run the shop. Jewelry by Johan is a real family business, with an eye on quality and sustainability. The materials Johan uses are unique and offer many options in design for wonderful rings.

Johan uses a wide amount of materials for his designs, the ring above is rose gold with dinosaur bone and Gibeon meteorite inlays. Besides dinosaur bone and meteorite Johan also uses wood, titanium, platinum, gold, palladium, mokume gane, tungsten and many other metals. Besides the metal rings can also be inlay ed with precious stones like Jade, Mother of Pearl or Turqoise. Johan can also set any precious or semi precious stone.

Besides wedding rings Johan also sells jewelry sets, engagement rings, interchangeable rings and pet memorial rings. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Special Feature Friday: For Love Polka Dots

Editon 51

After the wedding dresses and the brides accessories we will continue our series on weddings with some more essentials for a perfect wedding day. This week we will be looking at a shop where we can find invitations, table numbers and guestbooks.

At For Love Polka Dots you can find the essentials for your wedding as mentioned above. With a big and wonderful collection of guestbooks all in different styles and sizes, this shop definitely has something for everyone. Many of the guest books can be personalized to your own wishes. For Love Polka Dots also offers boxes to keep your guest book in after the wedding, the boxes are made to fit the style of the book itself.

Of course, cards are send out to announce your wedding to your friends and family. For Love Polka Dots offers sets of luxury cards, made with much care. As well as the guest books, the cards come in many styles and sizes. From simple to elaborate and from modern to classic. The listings are all custom, and colors and fonts in the cards can be adapted to be in line with your wedding theme. Table numbers, placement cards and RSVP cards can also be printed to fit in the same style as your wedding cards. 

Next to guestbooks and cards, For Love Polka Dots also offers a selection of wedding favors bags, tags, cake toppers and signs.  

Friday, 6 February 2015

Special Feature Friday: Heart Shaped Petals

Edition 50

As I mentioned last week, this is a series of Special Feature Friday about marriage, in which I will share about some Etsy shops that sell the most wonderful items for a perfect wedding day. 

Last week we started off with Polina Ivanova's wedding dresses. This week we are moving on to a shop called Heart Shaped Petals. Andreia from Heart Shaped Petals offers a great selection of essentials for any wedding day, from the ring bearers pillows to fabric bouquets, it can be found at her shop! 

This is a linen ring bearers pillow with a heart in peach colored cotton roses. It contains a rhinestone in the middle, and two ribbons to attach the rings to. Besides pillows Andreia also sells ring bearers bowls. The bowls can be personalized with the wedding dates, names and a phrase. 

Andreia also creates beautiful bouquets for the bride or bridesmaids. The flowers are made of satin, and then decorated with brooches and rhinestones. Unlike a bouquet from real flowers, a bouquet from fabric flowers will be an ever lasting memory. It won't loose it's color or its leaves, and it can continue to be a part of your home decoration. The bouquet will be made to anyone's wishes, and various materials can be added. Andreia also makes accessories and can have accessories made to fit with the bouquets. Garters, hair accessories, corsages, bridesmaid bouquets and the ring bearers pillows can all be made to fit in the same color and theme. 

Andreia wants to give a discount to the readers of this blog, discountcode "HSP 010" is active until the end of March and gives a 10% discount.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Special Feature Friday: Polina Ivanova

Edition 49

In the couple of weeks ahead I would like to feature shops with their main focus on marriage.
Etsy has a great number of shops who offer the best products to make any wedding perfect.

This weeks feature is about a dress maker located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Polina Ivanova has been designing and drawing clothes from a very early age. At 17 she convinced her parents she wanted to go to an arts college to fulfill her dream to become a clothing designer. At college she learned everything about sewing, designing and she started selling her fashion in the 3rd year of college. She graduated from college as a fashion designer and entered a internship in Italy. In Italy she learned from the best and got inspired to start her own atelier. After a couple of months in Italy she returned to Bulgaria and started to make clothing for local customers and for a national tv show. She opened her Etsy shop 4 years ago, and is using all of her experience to create beautiful wedding dresses.

This is a skirt with an A-like skirt made of Chantilly lace. It has two layers of tulle witch creates volume and movement for the skirt. It comes with a belt make from silk taffeta, witch is imported from Italy. The skirt closes with a zipper in the side. It can be worn with a bodice or corset or with another dress, so it can easily be turned into another dress. This is especially handy for brides who prefer to wear something easier for the reception, or who like to change their outfits during the day. 

An open back lace wedding gown with a chiffon draped skirt. This dress has a flawless fit and is made with materials from the highest quality. The designer Chantilly lace has a stunning scalloped edge. The dress is made with 100% silk chiffon and two layers of luxurious satin lining. It is possible to choose the length of the lace, to be either waist, hip or mid thigh length. It is also possible to change the sleeves, add in bra cups, or to have the dress made with a different color lace.

All the dresses ordered at Polina Ivanova are made in her studio to your measurements, in many cases it is also possible to make the changes to ensure you will get the perfect dress for your special day!

Polina offers the readers of this blog a free sash or belt with an order made in her shop. Simply write FREESASH in the comment section of your order. 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Special Feature Friday: Larkspur Hill

Edition 48

Recently I ran into a very special Etsy shop, it sold a type or product I never thought about. I knew it existed, but I did not know the possibilities, so it kind of feels like a new world has opened.

Larkspur Hill is owned by Cindy, and in this shop one can find a wonderful selection of dried flowers. Larkspur Hill is the piece of land where Cindy and her husband live, and where they raised their 5 daughters. They are the owners of a beautiful garden where they grow all kinds of flowers.
Cindy works in the garden in all weather, and her hard work really get payed off! She picks the flowers and then dries them, they are for sale in her shop and are shipped out to every corner of the world. 

I must admit, when I first saw this shop I thought that the only thing to do with dried flowers is to use them as potpourri or to put them in a vase. But in all honesty, the dried flowers I came across in my life where always these dull bushes, with no color in them. Cindy proved me wrong, the flowers in her shop are beautiful in color and look like they came fresh from a garden just minutes ago.

You might wonder what the options are with dried flowers, I can tell you that the options are endless. The rosebuds above for example, can be used as table decorations at weddings or parties, or maybe to brighten up the table for that special date. For those into candle and soap making, I would think they would make beautiful decorations to make the soap-bar or candle more special. 

Flowers can not only be used as table decoration, but also as decoration for a dish These violets are completely safe to eat, and will brighten up a dish like nothing else. They can be used in a salad, as a garnish, they can be frozen into ice cubes for a cold drink, or as decoration on a cake or chocolate mousse, I can even imagine they would look great in jelly! 

Cindy's flowers do not have to be refrigerated, and can therefor be shipped worldwide. 

Cindy offers a discount code for the readers of this blog, with code 4AISHA15 you will get a 15% discount. This code is valid for January and February 2015 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Special Feature Friday: Sharon Tasker

Edition 47

I think Etsy is one of the best places to go to for jewelry, last week I came across Sharon Tasker, a Etsy shop with a nice collection of jewelry and fashion accessories.

In this shop we can find original pieces of jewelry with a playful twist to them. The jewelry offered is glamorous and wearable. Sharon, the owner of the shop, also offers a collection of original waist belts with highly decorative elements.

This belt is made from elastic ribbon with a gold plated filigree center piece. It's elegance will make it suitable for many outfits, both professional or casual. This belt will help make a simple dress into a dress for a fancy evening out. 

This necklace reminds me of a fragile butterfly wing. I love its fine lines and its gracious looks. It comes on a thin chain to really put the attention to the pendant itself. 

A very stylish necklace. The black and gold are a classic and timeless combination. An essential piece to every woman's jewelry box.

If you like to stay up to date with this shop I would suggest you follow Sharon's blog. She does not only write about the newest items in her shop, but she also makes great suggestions about how to wear them with the latest fashion.  

Sharon offers the readers of this blog a 15% discount with discount code: AISHA
The code is valid until the end of January 2015.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Special Feature Friday: Mc Farlane Metal

Edition 46

First of all I would like to wish you all the best for 2015! I hope everyone had a great time during the holidays and has much great things to look forward to in this new year.

This week I will be featuring a jewelry shop based in Cologne, Germany. Dianne is the owner of Mc Farlane Metal. Her shop is filled with a wonderful collection of hand made jewelry.

This is a pin less silver brooch, the inside of the flower is gold leaf, giving the brooch a unique and delicate look. Instead of a pin it has a tension system with witch it can be attached to a scarf or into a button hole. 

This silver ring with aquamarine stone was inspired by the jewelry of ancient Rome. The body of the ring is textured with hammer marks and the base is wide to offset the weight of the stone. 

Because Dianne's jewelry is all handmade by her, they will all come out a bit different, and therefor every piece will be unique.

For anyone who lives close to Cologne and would like to know more about jewelry making, Dianne also offers courses in all sorts of jewelry making spectrum's.

You can find more information on her website or facebook page. 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Special Feature Friday: Flora Sense

Edition 45

Another Special Feature Friday on Saturday, my Friday yesterday was so hectic that I never made it to the computer. With Christmas coming closer, the list of things to do becomes longer, but I am sure the list will be empty before Christmas eve!

We will stay on the subject of Christmas one more week, with Flora Sense. Her collection of wreaths and ornaments is perfect to get any house into the holiday spirit. The wreaths are handmade by shop owner Kaleda, using a wonderful selection of natural materials.

These ornaments are made from maple leaves, angel hair and gold colored wire. The natural colors of the leaves and the gold wire make for a beautiful combination.  They come in a set of 3.

This advent wreath in traditional colors is made with wool yarn, different ribbons and decorated with pinecones apples. There is also a small collection of Christmas ornaments to be found. It comes with 4 candle holders. 

The items in Flora Sense will make great gifts as well, and to save time and shipping costs for the buyers Kaleda offers a service where she will ship the item directly to the recipient. It is possible to have a text written on a handmade greeting card! 

Kaleda was very kind to offer the readers of this blog a discount code for her shop: MERRYCHRISTMAS10 will give you a 10% discount.  

This is the last Special Feature Friday of 2014, I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful start of 2015!! I hope to see you back on the 9th of January for the first Special Feature Friday of the year.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Special Feature Friday: Still Water Candles

Edition 44

If you ask me, Candles are essential for the dark days of winter. As many as possible. A couple of nice candles will make a house look more cozy, and heat up the room. With the night setting in as early as it does now, they offer comfort and a sense of calmness. 

Still Water Candles is a shop with a wonderful collection of candles. Most candles come in wonderful scents to brighten up your home. 

A mason jar candle, I really like mason jars in the home as decoration. Some of the scents available for the candles are: Peppermint, Pumpkin Apple Butter, Mulberry, Pear spice and Cookie cottage.Not sure wich scent is best for you? it is possible to order a sample strip, so you can have a smell before ordering! 

Of course, there are also candles for those who prefer their candles unscented. This cinnamon candle looks good, and comes without scent. Perfect for those who are sensitive for scented candles.

Besides candles for the holiday's, Still Water Candles also offers a great assortiment for weddings, in the shape of unity candles, and candles perfect for a wedding reception. 

Janelle, the owner of Still Water Candles offers the readers of this blog a 20% discount with discount code: FALLDAYS

Friday, 28 November 2014

Special Feature Friday: Simka Sol

Edition 43

Sara is the owner of Simka Sol, an Etsy shop focused on eco-conscious products with a unique style. Working as a graphic designer, Sara felt the freedom of expression in the cooperate workplace was too limited. She decided to quit her 9 to 5 job and invested in her own company. She makes her designs from the heart.

Everything down to the production process is about minimizing her carbon footprint. Misprints are used to clean the workplace, eliminating paper towels. The ink used is 100% eco friendly, not only good for the environment, but also for the user of the product. There are even plans to switch completely to solar energy in 2015!  

At Simka Sol one can find clothing, accessories, jewelry and home decoration. One thing that strikes me the most is the details of the prints. The designs give a clear picture, yet leave a lot to the imagination. 

The print on this mini dress was accomplished by removing the color from the garment, and leaving behind a creamy colored design. The fabric is soft to the touch and allows for a lot of stretch, because of this way of working. The dress has a gorgeous drop down back and is made of cotton spandex.

A lovely collection of housewares and decorations is also available at Simka Sol. This is a dish towel made of Egyption Cotton. It was hand printed in the studio at Sara's home, from an original design hand drawn by Sara.

Sara offers the readers of this blog a 10% discount with the discount code: SIMKA10