Friday, 7 March 2014

Special Feature Friday: Forest Candle Studio

Edition 19

This week I would like to put the spotlights on a shop called Forest Candle Studio.
In this shop we can find wonderful handmade candles, in designs that are beautiful and special.
These candles breath an atmosphere of luxury, romance and tenderness. 

The handcrafted candles are made from beeswax by the shop owner, Marcie. Judging by the pictures we can see that a lot of time goes into crafting these candles, they are made with a lot of care and detail. The candles are decorated with whole roses, rose petals and leaves, organic spices, lavender, paints, glitters, ribbons and so forth. Some of the candles are made with a special stone base that comes with the candle, making it even more easy to get the rustic look from the pictures right into your own home!

These candles can be used for the wedding ceremony as a unity candle set, the details on the candles like the ribbons can be personalized to fit with your wedding theme and colors. The wax of the candles can also be adapted to fit to your wishes. The candles will make for a unique and romantic addition to your ceremony. Because these are handmade there are never 2 candles that will look exactly the same. Which is of course the reason why handmade items are so attractive. 

These candles will make great engagement gifts or will look lovely in your home during holidays or religious festivals. But in all honesty I must say, do we really need a special holiday or festival to have one of these candles in our home? I think they will look gorgeous at any time of the year. Whether they are lighted or not, they remain a beautiful piece of art!

Marcy has been so kind  to offer the readers of this blog a 10% Etsy discount code, the code is valid until the 21st of March 2014: ISHJEBLOG2014 

To stay up to date about this shops newest items you can also like their page on Facebook.


  1. Thanks for the lovely feature about my candles!

    1. You are welcome Marcie, it was a joy to write about your shop!